OJO Eyewear

Personal Brand Identity
I branded the optical brand OJO, which is the Spanish word for Eye.

OJO is a high-end glasses brand that prioritizes sustainability and aims to solve environmental problems through their products. They use sustainable materials, including recycled ocean-based plastics, and sophisticated production methods to create attractive and vibrant eyewear. OJO believes in making small positive changes to create a big impact and continuously strives to improve. Their store features an exhibition related to the environment, raising awareness through an alarming message.

All Eco Ocean frames are created from recycled ocean-based plastics.

Sustainable Materials - Recycled Ocean Plastics.

The raw material goes to a processing center, where it’s sorted, cleaned, shredded, dried, and prepped for the next step.
Theprepped material gets a bit of pigment and stabilizer and is extruded into plastic granules ready to be molded.

Jihyo Yu