Brand Identity
Rebranded Elrow is an electronic music festival with a commitment to sustainability.

Their mission is to create a futuristic and eco-friendly experience for festival-goers, which includes reusing and recycling as many materials as possible. To capture this vision, I creted a new logo that embodies the energy and essence of their techno music. The logo was designed to connect with the festival's main stage and capture the essence of their unique musical style.

To align with their eco-friendly ethos, I designed a poster for their next event using recycled paper and halftone patterns. This created a unique visual aesthetic that perfectly encapsulates the futuristic and sustainable vibe that Elrow is known for. In addition to the poster, I created a sticker that can be attached to existing posters to help spread the word about upcoming events. This allows for a cost-effective and eco-friendly way to advertisefuture events without wasting paper and resources on new posters.

Overall, my approach to Elrow's rebranding was centered around creating a visual identity that aligns with their core values of sustainability while also conveying the excitement and energy of their techno music. The result was a cohesive brand image that captures the unique vibe of the festival and its commitment to the environment.

Jihyo Yu