Brooklyn Botanic Garden

Brand Identity
Rebranded the visual identity of the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, which was founded in 1910 and is situated on land from Mount Prospect Park in central Brooklyn.

I decided to use the original logo as my starting point, even though it lacked proper guidelines. I chose to keep the logo's elegant serif typeface and used the "Boogy Brut" font, which featuresorganic endings and harmonious transitions between characters, creating a natural and cohsive feel that suits the Botanic Garden perfectly. The typeface and the image work together to form a simple and effective system that is immediately recognizable and enhances the brand's overall look and feel.

Given that the Botanic Garden is home to a variety of plants that produce beautiful flowers and fruits, I created a poster featuring illustrations of these plants. The typography of the logo was designed to complement the natural and beautiful curves of the illustrations, creating a sense of harmony and organization in the merchandise, such as business cards and event calendars.

For the posters, I used a vintage and classic style to convey an elegant feeling, as the Brooklyn Botanic Garden was built in the 1800s. This vintage and classic look adds to the overall brand identity, enhancing the Garden's history and importance as a cultural and natural landmark.

Overall, my rebranding for the Brooklyn Botanic Garden focused on creating a visual identity that reflects the Garden's history, beauty, and elegance while maintaining a modern and cohesive look. By using organic and harmonious typography, vintage and classic styles, and beautiful illustrations of the Garden's plants, I was able to create a brand identity that is both timeless and visually stunning.

Jihyo Yu